Science Events Cameroon

20-22 December, École Polytechnique - Université de Yaoundé I

About The Events

About Science Events Cameroon

It is an initiative to promote scientific learning in Cameroon through presentations and free workshops.


École Polytechnique - Université de Yaoundé I


Tuesday to Thursday
20-22 December

Event Organizers

Science Events Cameroon is a joint initiative by PhD Students and Computer Engineers from Cameroon to promote learning in Science, Technology, and Engineering.

1. STEM Bootcamp

This event aims to inspire young students (13-16 year olds) to opt for STEM vocations through hands-on projects, with a special focus on computer programming and robotics. It is co-organized by Rahimatou Daouda and Peterson Yuhala.

2. Computer Science Workshops and Women in CS session

This event promotes computer science education in Cameroon via presentations and workshops, and features sessions to promote women in computer science. It is done within the framework of the Machine Learning, Network, System and Security (MLNS2) project by Inria and CNRS, and is co-organized by Stella Bitchebe, Josiane Kouam, Jordan Gounou, and Nel Nanvou. Student volunteers:

Student volunteers

1. Charnelle Yanhamo: M2 student, UY1
2. Derrick Kouadje: L2 student, UY1
3. Audrey Ntsamo: PhD candidate, UY1
4. Donel Wamba: student, ENSP Yaoundé
5. Jordan Gounou: PhD candidate, UY1
6. Roland Ndong'ho: M2 student, ENSP Yaoundé
7. Odetta Tswisse: M2 student, ENSP Yaoundé
8. Rosane Azafack: M2 student, ENSP Yaoundé
9. Ines Ndjana: M2 student, ENSP Yaoundé
10. Karlin Tchoumi: student, ENSP Yaoundé
11. Luc Mahop Ngos: student, ENSP Yaoundé
12. Kilian Kemgne: student, ENSP Yaoundé
13. Marius Djocgoué: student, ENSP Yaoundé
14. Nassair Foupouagnigni: student, ENSP Yaoundé
15. Alfred Yepnjio: student, ENSP Yaoundé
16. Christian Teubou: student, ENSP Yaoundé
17. Dimitri Tapamo: student, ENSP Yaoundé

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

Rahimatou Daouda

Software Engineer, COTCO

Speaker 2

Stella Bitchebe

PhD Candidate, Universite Côte d'Azur/ENS Lyon

Speaker 3

Josiane Kouam

PhD Candidate, Ecole Polytechnique France

Speaker 4

Peterson Yuhala

PhD Candidate, UniNE

Speaker 5

Bénédicte Batana

Field Engineer, Schlumberger

Speaker 6

Boris Fotsa

Software Engineer, DBS SA

Speaker 5

Anne-Marie Chana

Senior Lecturer, ENSP-UYI

Speaker 5

Aline Carneiro Viana

Research Director at INRIA, France

Speaker 5

Katia Jaffres-Runser

Full Professor, Toulouse INP ENSEEIHT

Speaker 5

Natacha Crooks

Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley

Speaker 5

Gabrielle de Michelli

Postdoctoral Scholar, UC San Diego

Speaker 5

Nel Nanvou

PhD Candidate, University of Yaoundé I

Speaker 6

Jordan Gounou

PhD Candidate, University of Yaoundé I

Speaker 5

Gaëlle Yonga

Master's Student, University of Douala


Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule.

All event days for the STEM bootcamp are prefixed with S-, and all event days for science presentations and women in computer science sessions are prefixed with W-.


Welcome attendees

Brenden Legros

On the intricacies of generating individuals' cellular network datasets Josiane Kouam: PhD Candidate, Ecole Polytechnique France

Short break

Brenden Legros

Simulation d'une mobilité humaine réaliste: cas de la ville de Douala Gaëlle Yonga: Master's Student, University of Douala

Short break

Brenden Legros

Out of Hypervisor (OoH): Efficient Buffer Overflow Mitigation in Userspace Using Intel EPT-based Sub-Page Write Protection Support Stella Bitchebe: PhD Candidate, ENS Lyon

Short break

Operating system support for the execution of auxiliary tasks
Nel Tsopgny : PhD Candidate, University of Yaoundé I

Short break

Comment créer un benchmark pour le service de gestion de notifications sous android?
Jordan Ngounou: PhD Candidate, University of Yaoundé I

Lunch break

Keynote - Habits in behaviors: human beauty and vulnerability
Aline Carneiro: Research Director at INRIA, France

Short break


Short break

Women in CS session
  • Dr Anne-Marie Chana: Senior Lecturer at Ecole Polytechnique Yaoundé
  • Dr Aline Carneiro: Research Director at INRIA
  • Pr Katia Jaffres-Runser: Full Professor at IRIT, Toulouse INP ENSEEIHT
  • Dr Natacha Crooks: Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley
  • Dr Gabrielle de Michelli: Postdoctoral Scholar at UC San Diego
  • Josiane Kouam: PhD Candidate at INRIA/Ecole Polytechnique, France
  • Stella Bitchebe: PhD Candidate at Universite Côte d'Azur/ENS Lyon


Registration and distribution of attendee badges.

Brenden Legros

Welcome message Brief welcome message from the organizers.

Brenden Legros

STEM presentation
Rahimatou Daouda

Short break

Brenden Legros

Arduino Presentation
Peterson Yuhala

Brenden Legros

Project allocations
Peterson Yuhala

Lunch break

Brenden Legros

Group work on Arduino projects
Organizers + Club GI

End of day 1 activities

Brenden Legros

Guest Talk
Bénédicte Batana

Brenden Legros

Guest Talk
Boris Fotsa

Brenden Legros

Group work on project presentations
Organizers + Club GI + Attendees

Lunch break

Brenden Legros

Group 1 prez: gas leak detection

Brenden Legros

Group 2 prez: home automation

Brenden Legros

Group 3 prez: weather station

Brenden Legros

Group 4 prez: proximity sensors

Closing remarks and photos

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

École Polytechnique, Université de Yaoundé I

École Polytechnique - Université de Yaoundé I, is located at Pharmacie EMIA, Rte de Melen, Yaoundé, Cameroon.


Here are some nearby hotels

Hotel 1

Hotel Sinaha

0.4 Mile from the Venue

Hotel 2

New Heaven Hotel

0.5 Mile from the Venue

Hotel 3

Hotel des Députés

2 Miles from the Venue




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The events comprise a STEM bootcamp (only for 13-16 year olds), scientific presentations and tutorials, and a session to promote women in computer science.

Only 13-16 year olds
STEM Bootcamp

  • STEM presentations
  • Arduino workshop

Science Presentations

  • PhD student presentations
  • Workshops

Women in CS

  • Presentations
  • Workshops

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